Friday, March 15, 2013

Make a Scrapbook

It might seem like a simple idea, but kids really love it.  Take a few snap shots when you are doing a fun activity and print them out.  Put them in a binder on cute paper and allow students to write about that day.  Even if only a few of them want to write a few sentences it would be fun for them to look and read later.  I have a book that I kept when I left my job after 15 years.  The kids enjoyed it while it was there and now it is great memories for me!

Extended Day Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teaching Kids about Advertising Tricks - Sooper Goop! PERSUASIVE WRITING!

A fun way to teach kids things is through films.  I have always had a 16mm projector and plenty of films on hand.  I know, I know, most people wouldn't even know how to use one.  But, many of those fantastic educational films are on the internet now and available for you to share with your students.

This film, Sooper Goop, teaches kids about how cereal advertisers fool them into thinking their product is SUPER when it actually isn't.

I have used this, and other films about advertising, to teach kids about how to be aware of the commercials they see and to not let it influence them too much.  We talk about the different strategies they use to make things look or sound better than they are.

In addition I have broken the kids into small groups and allowed them to come up with some advertising for any random object that I give them.  They have to give it a dynamic name, draw a logo, and write a fun advertisement that they can act out for the group later.  You can even record them to make a commercial! 

This could be a great week long project.  With about 30 minutes a day of activity.

See update about Persuasive Writing at the end!

Day 1
   Watch the Super Goop film and talk about how advertising works and have the kids identify what they do to make things sound better than they are.  Make a chart to keep for future use.

Day 2
    Watch some fun vintage commercials and let the kids point out what they did to make things sound great and if they think it's true about the product.  Possibly add to the chart.

Day 3
    Separate the kids into groups, give them an object, and allow them to write a commercial and advertising(logos) to make it sound SUPER.  Have them use at least two of the advertising strategies on the chart.

Day 4
    Continue work on their advertising and commercial they can act out.

Day 5
    Act out commercial for the entire group.  You record it for commercials and let them watch it later.

Kids who are allowed to be creative can have a ton of fun and learn something important!

You can also include lessons on Persuasive Writing. I was substitute teaching today and the teacher asked me to teach a lesson about Persuasive Writing. As I was teaching it the students said it sounded like a commercial!   I forgot to take a photo of my anchor chart. Dang!  Anywho, it looked something like this.

I used some examples about Eating healthy to make a persuasive poster.

I then asked students to talk in small groups to brainstorm some ideas and they came up with some great ones.   Connect the advertising lesson with persuasive writing and the classroom teachers will thank you!