Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Art For Kids Hub! - Daily Art Lessons

I started following this channel on You Tube a while ago, and I have been repeatedly impressed with the art lessons that are shared here.  Super fun to share with kids as a daily drawing lesson or as a reward once in a while. Also can provide you will some fun lesson ideas and activities to do based on themes and holidays.  They do lots of drawings, but they also do painting, finger painting, origami, clay and more.  Check it out!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Activity Village -Free Website Resource

I'm fairly certain that I have posted about Activity Village in the past. They have some great stuff on their site.  Lot of international stuff as well.  They have just updated with lots of new FREE resources. 

From their email....

Activity Village News
9th September 2015
Here's a special quickie newsletter just to let you know that we have...


It's not too late to enjoy some of our new Longest Reigning Monarch and Queen Elizabeth activities, to celebrate this special day.
Longest Reigning MonarchThe Queen

With Roald Dahl's birthday coming up we've added a few new fun worksheets and printables:
Roald Dahl Printables
Roald Dahl Worksheets

New Autumn (and Fall) worksheets just added - handwriting included:
Autumn Worksheets

And here are some lovely new Autumn (and Fall) posters too:
Autumn Posters

Elizabeth I, James I ( and VI of Scotland) and Charles I - what have they got in common? We've produced some new activities aimed at younger children, that's what! The kids can even learn to draw these Tudor and Stuart monarchs...
Elizabeth I

Lots more has been added to our Colour topic, including bright word cards, fun sorting cards, and a brand new collection of useful colouring pages:
Or explore the whole topic here: Colour

Our new Farmyard Stepping Stone Puzzles give kids some fun practice with early skills - the alphabet, vowels and consonants, odds and evens and skip counting 2 to 12.

While on the farm theme - we've added new
Farm Puzzles

We've added a new set of simple colouring pages for London for younger children, to add to our existing detailed pages for older children:

And finally, we've also added a set of London I Spy booklets which could be used when sight-seeing or perhaps taking a virtual tour of London. Sarah designed these for her Guides, putting up our London posters around the room and sending them off on a London hunt!
London I Spy Booklets