Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Resources - Garage and Rummage Sales

If we weren't thrifters before working in after school programs, with our low budgets and high numbers of kids, we are now.  It's the best way to get stuff cheap!  Especially if you are sometimes paying out of your own pocket. 

Most yard sales and rummage sales donate their items to Goodwill or other charities after the sale.  If you see things that could be used in your classroom, ask the manager of the sale if they would mind donating this or that to your afterschool program, if it doesn't sell.  I have actually never gotten a no.  Once in a while they will just give me the items on the spot.  Especially at a rummage sale, where they are probably raising the funds for some kind of charity.  Give them your number and they can call you to come pick up your items after the sale.  Don't be too picky.  If you asked for books, take all of the kids books.  You can always donate the leftovers yourself.