Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making the Best of Recess #3 in a Series

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Join in the Fun
  • Joining in a game can up your cool factor with the kids.  However it can have some major pitfalls.   
    • Don’t get so involved that you can’t see and pay attention to the other students.  Never assume that your colleagues can see everything and are paying attention.
    • Make sure there is someone on the sidelines to take care of minor injuries, bathroom and drink requests and any other issues. 
    • Don’t get competitive!!!!
      • Remember that these are children and they don’t have the skills you have.  It’s okay to play and even win, but if you start feeling like you want to win, it’s time to step out. 
      • You are their example for sportsmanship.  This can be a great learning tool, because as we know, you will teach more by your actions than your words.  Get out there and be a great teammate, encourage your team and even the other team.  “Good Teamwork”, “Nice Shot”, and “I can’t believe I missed it!  I’ll get it next time.”  Are all good examples of things to shout out during the game.
    • NEVER CHEAT! This should go without saying, but I have seen it many times.
      • If you cheat you are sending some pretty strong messages that you may not intend to be sending.
        • “Don’t Trust Me!”  If you teach the kids that cheating is wrong, and then you cheat, you lose their trust.  This can be a very BIG deal to kids.  You could damage their trust in all adults by cheating.
        • “You don’t have to follow the rules either.”  If the teacher doesn’t have to follow the rules, the students won’t either.  They will remember and throw it back at you at every opportunity.
        • “I’m a Liar.” Similar to don’t trust me, but you are no longer to be believed and some students will begin to argue with you because they no longer believe in you or your honesty, fairness, or sincerity.
        • “This game isn’t fun anymore.”  You could be ruining their favorite game for them.  A big blow like losing trust in a teacher can surely put a bad taste in their mouth for that game or activity.
        • “Don’t Trust Adults” The simple act of a little cheating in a game can ruin a child’s faith in you and other adults.  Authority figures are to be trusted and some will break a child’s trust over their lives, just don’t let it be you.

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