Sunday, July 28, 2013

Free Resources - The Dover Sampler

I love getting my twice monthly Dover Teacher Sampler in my email.  Dover publications sends out samplers of their newest and best fit publications for you to try.  These are great worksheets and samples of ideas you can use in the classroom, summer of after school.  Sometimes they are coloring sheets, worksheets, puzzles, or games that go along with lots of themes.  These aren't just fun, they're educational too!  A coloring sheet of a shark tells about the type of shark, how it lives, what it eats, etc.  In afterschool we tend to sometimes rely heavily on coloring sheets to keep the kids occupied.  Why not have them learn something from those sheets.  These are also usually more intricate, and so they take longer and pull in the interest of older kids as well.

Instead of printing out all of the samples that you like, save them into theme based files in an afterschool folder, on your computer.  When you are doing an ocean theme you will have a few great Dover shark coloring sheets and worksheets to go with your theme!

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