Sunday, November 23, 2014

Encourage Creativity - Teach Skills & Techniques

We are always looking for ways to encourage creativity in kids.  A kid with creativity can solve problems, make informed decisions and think in new an different ways!

One of the ways I encourage creativity in kids is to teach them new skills and techniques in art.  Most of the greats went to art school studied the previous masters and spent years honing their craft.  But we often just give kids the supplies and expect them to be creative with them.  What often happens is that they don't get any better at it and that is frustrating, of course.  If we spend some time teaching techniques and skills they will get better and will be able to get closer to making the art they actually want to make.

It's okay if you don't feel like an artist.  Look up videos on You Tube and learn yourself and then teach.  Or show the kids the videos.  I don't just mean showing How To Draw videos.  Those can be fun, but usually only show a single drawing. Unless you find videos that mix the learning of different techniques in with the drawing.  That would be great!

Some skills kids can have fun learning.

  • Color Mixing
    • Sketchbook: mix 100 colors. I like this 'challenge' so many kids mix the colours all into one lifeless muddy grey.
  • Sketching before you paint.
    • How To Draw. "How to Draw" is a collection of tutorials that will teach you everything from perspective basics to shading chrome. Never picked up a pencil before? Fear not! From simple line drawings to modern art and easy animations, we've got you covered. All projects come from and contain pictures for each step so you can start your masterpiece today!
  • Water Color techniques.
  • Where to place shading and shadow.
  • Using slightly darker or lighter paint to show shading and shadow.
  • Paper Sculpture
    • Paper sculpture techniques
There are so many more, but these should get you started!  Have fun and get those kids creating!!!

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