Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Perfect for Fall After School

On a nice dry autumn day, what a fun way to get kids engaged!  I found this great FREE sheet to help out. 

FREE - ABC Nature Walk for any group of Kids
  • Separate kids into groups with mixed ages. 
  • At least one or two older kids to write. 
  • A Clipboard and pencil. 
    • Older kids can write the labels and younger kids can draw a few pictures.
  • Send them out to search around the playground, or around the school (with an adult). 
  • Ask them to leave nature in nature, and to just observe.
  • Afterward, have them tell about the most interesting thing they saw.
Check your area wildlife preserve or National Forest for FREE classroom presentations.  These are usually available to after school programs and summer camps as well.

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