Monday, April 8, 2013

April is Poetry Month - Free Resources - Shel Silverstein

Every kids loves poems and illustrations by Shel Silverstein. has some great poetry packets to help teach kids to write different types of poetry and illustrate them. 

These ideas will work with all ages and they can get super creative, or you can give them a specific theme to write the poems about.  Perfect for decorating a bulletin board.  It would be fun to have a poetry show where students share their artwork and present their poem.  Parents would love to attend.

More ways to share poetry.
  •      Pick an expressive or abstract poem, read it out loud to students and have them illustrate the poem.
    • Show the students pictures and have them share what they were thinking about when they were listening to the poem.
    • Have a discussion about what they think the author was thinking or what the poem means.  You would be surprised at what context clues that students will pick up on.
  • Read the words of a popular song.
    • Explain to students that songs are poems set to music.


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