Friday, May 3, 2013

Awesome Art Projects from Pinterest

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, where have you been?  Oh yeah, dedicating your life to kids.  Okay, I forgive you!  There are SO many cool projects and ideas there.  Here are some fun ones that I found recently. 

I always like to do some fun and invovled projects at the end of the year.  Things are starting to wind down at school, but you need to keep those littles busy so they don't go "summer" crazy. 

White Crayon Resist Watercolor PaintingPinned Image

Pinned Image Animal Water color tutorial

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

The monsters game and hand knitting are great free time fillers!

Follow my After School Awesome pinterest board for more fun ideas!

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